Are you ready to change your skin health for good?

Our course will help you get relief and create amazing, sustainable results.

I believe everyone should feel completely comfortable and incredibly happy in their own skin. 


That is why I created Holistic Skin Circle.

You can take control of healing your skin just like I did, and I can teach you how.

Are you ready to become your own skin healing champion? 

Essential Course Package

Our premium skin health program:

  • 8 hours of detailed, practical video instruction over 5 weeks
  • Learn the body systems involved in skin problems 
  • Discover what can cause your skin irritation
  • Holistic skin solutions to use at home and with pros
  • Food for healthy skin - exactly what you should and shouldn't eat
  • Easy lifestyle solutions and healthy skin habits
  • Over 20 assignments to turn knowledge into action
  • Bonus videos with holistic health pros ($800 value)
  • Shopping guides and product recommendations ($200 value)
  • 2 week nutritionist-designed Healthy Skin Meal Plan ($600 value)
  • Printable PDF transcript of the course ($40 value)
  • Lifetime access to the course for updates ($100 value)
  • Strategies to fuel ongoing success
  • And free access to our Community Support Forum!
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 It's hard to heal all on your own.


People need help addressing both

biological AND environmental triggers

that create problem skin. 


You need to know your triggers.

You need to know what to do about them.  

And you need to know the specific ways to support your body so it can heal.

Real results! By week 3 Aya Wolf saw improvements in her skin.

"My skin has not been getting as inflamed as it usually does, especially considering the fact that I ran out of the steroid ointment for the rash on my back. In the past, when I've run out and not been able to get my prescription refilled right away, my rash has become unbearably inflamed. I've also been able to scale way back on the application of the steroid serum that I use on my scalp. More generally, the skin on my legs, previously very dry and flaky, has been happy and holding moisture well."

There's no one magic bullet to fix problem skin, but you can have a big effect on your biology and environmental factors through what you do. Changing your behavior will make a big change in your skin.


Let's talk about what's going wrong for many people right now.

Western Medicine


Skin problems means big business for skincare companies, pharmaceutical companies, and dermatologists.  In fact, over $75 billion a year is spent on treating skin diseases in the USA alone.  

Western medicine treatments for problem skin tend to simply keep symptoms at bay rather than treating the root cause of the problem.  This approach makes long term healing impossible. In fact, common prescriptions for problem skin including antibiotics, birth control, steroids, retinoids, and even benzoyl peroxide may be causing you more harm than good. The list of side effects is dizzying, and they still may not solve your skin problems.  

When you stop taking a conventional medicine your problem may roar right back, potentially with even more complications.  That’s not a long term solution!

The Skincare Industry


The skincare and cosmetics industry is largely powered by marketing.  Unless you hold a chemistry degree, shopping for skincare can be confusing.

The reality is when you buy most drugstore and even many department store skincare products what you're buying is mostly emulsifiers, solvents, and water— even when trendy active ingredients appear in the ingredients list.

Most companies spend far more on their promotion, advertising, and the perfect sales pitch than they do on the actual ingredients in the product they are selling to you.

They capitalize on vanity, fear, and the customers’ lack of knowledge about chemistry. They prey on the fact that many people will pay dearly and believe marketing pitches that sound more like fairy stories than like chemistry.

Synthetic Chemical Burden


Are synthetic chemicals causing or aggravating your problem skin?

The synthetic chemical load carried by most people is a major factor I see affecting the increasing number of people reporting sensitive skin. The overabundance of man-made, industrial chemicals in our air, food, water, and everywhere around us is burdening our bodies.

Your favorite skincare products may be made with chemicals that have not been adequately tested or proven safe for long term use.  This means that consumers are being used as guinea pigs in the race to develop new cosmetic chemicals.  The mass market philosophy is profit first, and often at the expense of skin health.

Even if a product or ingredient is found to cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems, or other health problems the FDA has no authority to order a recall of a cosmetic product!  

This means you are the best advocate to keep your body safe from potentially harmful chemicals that could be the cause of your skin flares. There are ways to shop so that you can avoid these hidden dangers, but you need to know the insider information on how to shop smart.



Are you ready to find out what you can do to ensure you eat right for your skin’s needs?

Skin aggravation and sensitivity can be merely topical or it can have its roots internally as well. Specific allergies to foods can make you predisposed to rashes, hives, flakiness, and sluggish cell renewal and some foods can absolutely make you break out.

Everyone’s sensitivities and nutritional needs are a little different.  Unless you know what to look for and how to determine the best food choices you might end up eating something that could aggravate your skin further.  



What is your stress load like? A constant state of stress from the pressures of modern life may be causing your skin problems.

Eczema, dermatitis, acne and general skin aggravation can be triggered specifically by stress and the "fight or flight" chemical response in the body.

Once your "fight or flight" response is deactivated, your body can return to a state of optimal functioning, meaning you can see results quickly and prevent further problems. Clearer skin and a clearer mind await.

There is a better way!

By embracing a holistic approach to healthy skin you can finally take control and create the life you want.

Balance is what can restore your skin and your life!

I know this path by heart.

My own journey evolved slowly and steadily, but over time I was able to nurse myself back to health using botanicals and lifestyle changes.

The Benefits of Holistic Methods for Skin


When you support your body with holistic practices you can see skin clearing results TWO TIMES FASTER than if you do conventional methods alone!  That's with no irritation, no down time, and no risk of further damage to skin.

You can go completely holistic, or combine holistic practices with conventional treatments.  There's no reason not to include holistic methods.

Not only that but holistic methods actually deeply support your body.  

The benefits of a holistic approach to address skin problems go way beyond skin improvements.  

  • Increased energy that stays stable throughout the day
  • Calmer, happier, more positive mood 
  • Less critical relationship with yourself
  • Possible weight loss, firmer muscle tone, and better circulation
  • Reduced inflammation throughout the body, meaning less aches and pains
  • Smoother, easier digestion
  • Better quality sleep at night
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased confidence levels
  • Empowerment and gaining a feeling of control and agency in your own life

Having disrupted, irritated skin can really hold us back in life.  That is why it’s worth taking the time to do something different about improving your skin now.

Did You Know?


  • 84.5 million Americans - one in four - deal with some kind of skin disease.
  • Major depression is one of the main results of chronic skin disorders?
  • Skin problems can cause us to withdraw socially, feel angry, frustrated, and affect our confidence.
  • 26% of people with moderate to severe psoriasis have to change or stop certain daily activities because of their skin problems.
  • 90% of respondents in a National Rosacea Society survey reported lowered self esteem and confidence, increased anxiety and helplessness, and more than half of respondents avoided face-to-face contact with other people.
  • Adults with acne actually face higher rates of unemployment than the general population.

Americans spend more on our appearances than on social welfare, health, and education combined!


That indicates an extremely high priority that our culture places on looking good, which includes having healthy skin.  It is no wonder that many of the people struggling with how to solve their skin problems feel deeply affected by their condition.

If you are currently suffering with breakouts, rashes, redness, dryness, flaking, cracking, and itching skin you know what this feels like!  It’s not fun, and it is dramatically affecting your quality of life. 

  • Do you avoid social events?
  • Feel less confident at a job interview or on a date?
  • Are you plagued by negative or unhappy thoughts as a result of your skin problems?

If so, then this issue is literally preventing you from seizing opportunities, maintaining relationships, and living your best, happiest life. 

It’s worth investing the time to do what you can to change your skin health for good.

You can make the change you need!

You don't have to do it the way I did, investing thousands of dollars and a decade of trial and error.

Holistic Skin Circle is your guide so you can get results much faster.

I have learned the methods and products that work, the professional treatments you should seek out, and things you need to do and not do - NOW - if you want healthy skin.

After healing my skin and other health problems like low thyroid, inflammation, food sensitivities, hormone imbalances, and mycotoxicity, I can now offer my expertise....

The best part is that everything I teach is easy to understand and practical to implement!  Most of what you need can be done with simple switches, a few new habits, and a willing, positive attitude. 

Taking control of your skin health is not complicated. Most steps can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home.

If you need to take further steps, we’ll provide you the information to empower you to make the right choices, choose the right tools, and seek the right professionals.

You literally are your own best ally in your journey to healthy skin.  No one else can do this for you.

“No one saves us but ourselves.  No one can, and no one may.  We ourselves must walk the path.” - The Buddha

We offer you a new beginning. 

Circles are a simple and sacred shape.

Our circle represents the cycles we all go through, and the important space we can create to prioritize our own regeneration.

We offer a safe & sustainable healing path, and your journey will be unique.  Our circle will provide you the tools and teachings to take the action you need.

Our program is a portal to belonging, balance, and empowerment.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You are not open to trying new behaviors to solve skin problems.
  • You aren't really interested in changing your diet at all.
  • You're totally happy with your skin the way it is right now and see no reason to improve it.
  • You don't have any money to spend on fresh food or basic personal care purchases.
  • You would rather "go it alone" and don't want to share or learn from others experiences.
  • You don't believe in science.

This program IS for you if:

  • You have occasional or ongoing chronic skin problems that you would like to solve.
  • You have tried commonly available remedies from drugstores, health food stores and dermatologists and are not satisfied with the results.
  • You are concerned about the long and short-term side effects from drugs that are commonly prescribed skin problems.
  • Your skin is too sensitive to use most drugstore or dermatologist prescribed treatments.
  • You are open to trying new lifestyle habits and healthy products to solve your skin problems.
  • You like the idea of naturally based practices and products but want help.
  • You are pregnant or nursing and experiencing skin problems, and cannot use drugs that are commonly prescribed.
  • You want a plan developed by natural health professionals with years of experience.
  • You don’t have the expertise or background to research remedies on your own and know what will work for you, and what is just hype.
  • You want to investigate seeing an esthetician, naturopath, nutritionist or other health professional but don’t know where to start.
  • You’ve been eating low nutrition, high fat, high sugar foods and are ready to make a switch.
  • You suspect certain foods may cause you breakouts or skin reactions.
  • You don’t know where to start or how to shop for safe, healthy skincare that won’t cause you breakouts or skin reactions.
  • You’re busy, stressed, and want to take charge of and reduce your levels of tension and worry.
  • Your skin problems are causing you to miss out on fun and opportunities with family, friends, and work.
  • You want to feel more confident, energetic, happier, and more comfortable every day.
  • You want support, encouragement, and a community to talk with as you work on improving your life.
  • You are tired of feeling helpless and want to take charge of your own skin health once and for all.
  • You have access to a kitchen and the ability to prepare your own food.
  • You have regular access to technology that will allow you to commit to 30-60 minutes per day for the duration of the course (approximately 5 weeks).

Why choose Holistic Skin Circle?

Professional Expertise

Our course has been designed with the input of licensed, trained estheticians, holistic health coaches, herbalists, nurses, and more with dozens of years of combined experience.  Our research is based on the latest scientific papers being released, so it’s the cutting edge in understanding the root causes behind skin disruptions.

Convenience & Value

Our program gives you the benefit of appointments with numerous types of holistic health professionals in one convenient package, saving you time and money.  A single intake appointment with a holistic doctor can cost $150 to $300, and people with skin problems often end up seeing several professionals before finding their total solution. 

That makes this course a tremendously valuable investment.  With the right knowledge you can save hundreds of dollars by taking charge of your own choices, and visit only the wellness pros you really need most.

It can also take months to get in to see many doctors, leaving you in the lurch just waiting for relief.  Holistic Skin Circle is available to you immediately, anywhere you are.  You can view our modules on your phone or computer and start course work when it's right for you.

Revolutionary Methods

The methods we will teach you are not only safe, effective, and well-researched, they can help you revolutionize your health, productivity, mood, social life, and even your earnings at work as well as transforming your skin. 

No other plan combines so many skin health principles and disciplines into one, easy foundational course that will give you a comprehensive, fresh start with your skin.

Laser Focus

We’re laser focused on how holistic methods can positively impact skin. The Holistic Skin Circle Team has spent years working directly with clients who have problem skin, and we understand your concerns, your feelings, and a variety of skin ailments. 

Our time spent with clients has taught us in real-time what works for different skin conditions and what doesn’t.  We have documented this feedback over more than a decade and can now offer it to you.


 We help people improve their lives.  We will be here for you every step of the way with encouragement, inspiration, and knowledge to help further your journey. 


Holistic Skin Circle is not just a course, it is a community of people just like you and a team of professionals committed to your wellbeing.


Everything you want is on the other side of your commitment. Are you ready?

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Here's What's Included:

5 Video Modules

How to heal your problem skin from every angle. This 5 week course includes over 8 hours of video instruction. See below for the details of each module!

A Community of Support

A safe, secure, inclusive online forum where we gather together to share our stories of healing. Our staff esthetician will provide group guidance and answer questions. Together we can cultivate inspiration, share achievements, and ask for guidance from others who are walking this same path of holistic skin health.

1 Week Meal Plan

Created for your skincare concerns, designed to balance your hormones and stop inflammation. Includes a master supplement list and lifestyle protocol. Written by Nutritionist & certified health coach Jessica Idleman.

Self Compassion Practice

Self Compassion techniques with Sheila Pride. Self compassion is crucial when changing our habits to help keep us on the path.  With self compassion you'll go farther!

Practical Skills & Tools

Over 20 practical application assignments, journaling prompts, meditations and exercises to practice what you have learned in the modules and apply the principles to your life.


Coaching Tips for Your Dermatologist Visit

Shopping Guide for Natural Skincare

Therapeutic Herbal Compress & Bath Recipes

DIY Reflexology Practice & Maps

Video Interview with Acupuncturist Jim Sullivan

Video Interview with Nutritionist Jessica Idleman 

Video Interview with Functional Medicine Doctor Michael Schoenwalder

Let's take a closer look at the course material:

Module 1

Getting to the Root

Western Medicine often focuses on symptom management. We want to identify the possible root cause of your problem skin so you can treat the issue, not mask the symptoms.  You’ll learn about your body and all the systems that contribute to keeping skin healthy. 

Module 2

Uncovering Irritants

This week takes you on a journey through skin sabotaging ingredients, detailed information on conventional treatments, and tells you what kinds of tests you may need to find out exactly what is behind your skin problems.  What's irritating you?  We'll find out!

Module 3

Holistic Solutions

Now it's time for the deep, supportive solutions that will give you sustainable results.  We'll discuss what you can do on your own at home to help your skin plus we'll go over all the healthy, effective professional treatments you can try.

Module 4

Food for Healthy Skin

What you eat is one of the biggest things that influences your skin health.  In this module we get nitty gritty about what you should and shouldn’t be eating if you want clear, healthy skin. Need to fill to balance blocks.

Module 5

Living for Healthy Skin

Keeping skin clear involves addressing all the lifestyle factors that can cause continued flares.  We will discuss why it’s important for you to stick to proactive habits and give you details on exactly what to do.

On your own, you could spend:


$150 for an initial dermatologist visit, and another $150 a month for followup

$200 on books to cover all the topics we will explore

$400 a month on weekly personal health coaching 

$600 for a custom skin-health-specific eating plan

And hundreds of dollars on experimenting with skincare products that flop for you.


That’s easily over $1500 in expenses just to get started on your own, and that’s if you already know where to go, what questions to ask, who to work with, and what solutions are best!  

Don't spend years alone with frustration, and further skin disruption.

Instead you can invest in yourself.  You can gain the knowledge of what to expect in advance so that you know what services are right for you, and what the costs can be.  Your choices can be more empowered and more effective.

I spent thousands of dollars and several decades trying and learning all the methods I’ll share with you, and you’ll learn them faster and for less.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you made the smartest choices with your money and time?

Sandra Hicks, Esthetician

"Holistic Skin Circle is warm, compassionate and engaging. It is everything a person who is dealing with skin issues needs to have when trying to heal their skin. I can tell it is a labor of love. The simplified way the program educates is very palatable. It's just beautiful, and I knew from the first 5 minutes in that I was all in it. I love it!"

Essential Course Package


Everything you need to start fresh with your skin:

  • 8 hours of detailed, practical video instruction
  • Assignments to turn knowledge into action
  • Bonus videos with holistic health pros ($800 value)
  • Shopping guides and product recommendations ($200 value)
  • 2 week nutritionist-designed Healthy Skin Meal Plan ($600 value)
  • Printable PDF transcript of the course ($40 value)
  • Lifetime access to the course for updates ($100 value)
  • Strategies to fuel ongoing success
  • And free access to our Community Support Forum!
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Start creating peace with your skin.

The knowledge, practices, and path you need are here for you.

Our Quality & Service Guarantee:


We pride ourselves on honesty, accountability, and offering real value to our clients. We promise quality education backed by professional expertise & cutting edge research, a practical holistic path towards healing and access to a community filled with support and encouragement. Try our course risk free!


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