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We offer a complete, time-tested plan for empowerment and radical change for people with chronic skin problems.

If your audience or client base includes people with acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis you can help them revolutionize their relationship with their skin by introducing them to Holistic Skin Circle.

Our program was developed over 10 years of working directly with clients on stubborn skin health challenges.  It is accessible, practical, comprehensive, and really works.

It can also work for you.  Earning commissions on referrals feels good because you know it's going to result in tremendous change.

Let's share a healing, holistic path together.

Affiliate Program Details

We'll be offering access to the Holistic Skin Circle Course on a periodic basis, with an initial launch planned for early 2021.

  • Earn by linking to our courses.  Sales from your link clicks receive commissions.
  • Bonus up-sells and a variety of packages at different price points
  • Continuing commissions for ongoing subscriptions to our Community Forum
  • Educational company blog and Youtube channel
  • Promotional materials provided by us to help you share the course
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Making the perfect match.


We are looking for well-designed, intelligent, quality affiliate partners with great branding.

Our affiliates often have specialties in the following areas: eczema, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, skin health, allergies, esthetics, nutrition and healthy food lifestyle, natural and holistic healing, functional medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy, acupuncture, green/organic beauty, wellness, and yoga.

We are not interested in general deal or coupon sites at this time.

Please contact us to dialogue about special promotions, content based marketing, testing the course, or any creative ideas you may have.

The best fits with our program will be affiliates that focus on content creation or service offerings. 

Especially for estheticians. 


We have a special relationship with estheticians.  The relationship between an esthetician and client is potent, and we've seen major skin transformations happen in the hands of skilled skin experts.

One of the challenges our estheticians have is keeping people on track once they go home.  You can do great work in the treatment room, but often clients have problems with compliance around home care.

Holistic Skin Circle can be there for your clients in between appointments, and will help them understand the value they are getting by sticking to your recommendations.

Plus we take things further with an eating plan and lifestyle support that will improve their overall results. 

Instead of paying for additional certifications you can be earning commissions on our professionally built program.

Become a Holistic Skin Circle affiliate today.

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