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  • Why flares keep happening even if you're really trying to solve them.
  • And 2 types of strategies for solutions, and why one is definitely better than the other.

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#1 - Top 5 Environmental Factors Affecting Your Skin
#2 - 40 Benefits of Holistic Methods for Skin Health


Here's what some of our attendees say about the class:


"Honestly the best and most educational webinar I have ever attended. Julie, you have provided a ton of awesome information tonight. You are very thorough and engaging. There were so many things I never knew about. I'm always learning and this so far has been extremely beneficial."



"This was extremely helpful, you have given so much valuable information. A lot of the things were new to me. You're great, Julie."

Samantha K.

"You are a true gem. Thank you Julie."

Allana W.

"I always think it’s something internally or so that made my skin care problems occur.  I never thought about the environment and other things contributing to my skin problems. I’d rather try than sit and suffer or be unhappy.  Very eye opening session."

Liz S.

"This is so great! I am learning so much!"

About your teacher: 

I'm Julie Longyear, a holistic skin health expert and herbal chemist. My own experience with chronic acne and skin sensitivities led me to have a deep passion for skin healing. 

My innovative natural skincare line, Blissoma, has won more than 12 industry awards, and is sold at more than 100 locations in the USA and throughout the world in places like Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

As a thought leader in the green beauty industry, I've been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Total Beauty, & presented for leading green beauty education platforms including Formula Botanica & Kristen Arnett's Healthy Beauty Oasis.

I work and consult with estheticians, functional medicine doctors, nutritionists, and other holistic healing experts on a routine basis and am constantly researching the latest science.

I've given thousands of skin consultations helping people with sensitive, disruptive skin solve their complex, chronic conditions. 

These dramatic improvements came from addressing both biological AND environmental triggers, in addition to skincare products.

Now, I'm sharing the holistic methods that have helped me heal myself and coach my clients to clear, calm skin.

The Holistic Skin Circle Signature Course is a 5 week program built on 300 scientific papers, designed to teach you:

- the science behind skin disruptions

- the lifestyle changes needed to bring balance to your skin cells

- the DIY & professional holistic treatments & testing that will bring you clear, calm, healthy skin.

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